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Advancing Psychedelics for Mental Health Care

Opening Minds & Creating New Possibilities

Through exclusive collaborations, NeoLumina is uniquely positioned to create long-term value in the global advancement of mental health care using psychedelics.

We aim to design novel therapeutics that offer greater predictability and control to increase effectiveness in treating mental health disorders.

Why Invest in Psychedelics?

Proven Efficacy

Clinical studies show psychedelics can contribute to the improvement of mental health and well-being without the negative effects associated with drugs currently used.

Developing Market

Growing number of patients seeking psychedelics as alternative therapeutics to current pharmaceuticals on the market.

Scientific Capacity

Leaders are building scientific capacity in step with policy and regulatory advances to create novel intellectual property.

Shifting Global Mindset

Governments around the world, including in the US, are indicating support of using psychedelics for mental health disorders based on the growing evidence of safety and efficacy.

Value Proposition

The company has invested in building the initial infrastructure to advance its development strategy and begin the value creation process by advancing toward key near-term milestones.

NeoLumina has established an experienced management team and expert scientific advisory board composed of renowned scientists and physicians with extensive experience in drug development from research to clinical trials, regulatory approval and commercialization. A joint venture with Lambert Spawn provides additional key expertise in active natural molecule production.

Two value-driving activities operating in parallel

NeoLumina’s Competitive Advantages

  • Ready to prepare for human trials with exclusive product candidate for use in eating disorders, where there are currently limited drug treament options
  • Analog molecules are unique, patentable NCEs
  • Proprietary process being developed through the JV with Lambert Spawn for low-cost production of psilocybin and psilocin
  • Relationships with experienced R&D, product development and manufacturing technology groups
  • Experienced management team in place for the advancement of both natural and pharmaceutical products
  • Association with the leading academic and research institutions

Key ObjectivesĀ 

The following outlines our corporate objectives that lead us closer to the global advancement of mental health care using psychedelics in our initial areas of focus: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol and drug addiction and pain.

  • Raise $4-$5 million in a seed round
  • Prepare clinical trial for eating disorders on lead psilocybin product candidate
  • Advance identification of lead analog NCE molecules
  • Advance proprietary isolation of active natural molecules, psilocybin & psilocin
  • Start clinical trial on eating disorders with lead psilocybin product candidate
  • Initiate preclinical studies on lead analog molecules
  • Initiate pharma partnering process and explore potential revenue opportunities
  • Initiate the next financing process
  • Complete eating disorder clinical trial and advance pharma partnering process
  • Advance to clinical trials on other active natural molecules for other indications
  • Complete preclinical trials on lead analog molecules

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