New Study Shows Candy-Flipping Can Reduce Bad Trips

new study published in Nature shows that MDMA can reduce difficult experiences with other psychedelics.

Co-use of MDMA with psilocybin/LSD may buffer against challenging experiences and enhance positive experiences” was published by researchers from Imperial College London and New York University’s Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine.

The survey followed almost 700 people who’d used LSD or psilocybin, with 27 using MDMA in conjunction with the classic psychedelics. The results suggest that small doses of MDMA can potentially minimize the effects of a bad trip.

“Regarding positive experiences, co-use of low dose MDMA (but not medium–high dose MDMA) with psilocybin/LSD was associated with enhanced feelings of self-compassion, love, and gratitude relative to psilocybin/LSD alone.”

“Findings from this study suggest that co-use of low dose MDMA with psilocybin/LSD may buffer against negative or challenging experiences and enhance certain positive experiences. These findings may inform future clinical trial designs and provide early insights into recreational co-use of MDMA with psilocybin/LSD.”

Psychedelic experiences can bring up difficult emotions, and can cause anxiety in patients as they confront these challenging scenarios. Will MDMA be used to “buffer” against these rough patches? With therapists and drug developers looking to create the most efficient treatment models, this paper adds potentially useful data to optimize future therapy options.

Note: This study adds more context to another “candy-flipping” study published earlier this year by the Liechti team in Basel. This study was owned by MindMed, who also holds a patent for combining MDMA with LSD.


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