Psilocin prodrug receives USPTO development approval

Enveric Biosciences has received a Notice of Allowance (NoA) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a patent application involving EB-373, the company’s new chemical entity (NCE) prodrug of psilocin.

The patent contains composition of matter claims for a family of novel prodrug derivatives of psilocin, including EB-373.

EB-373 is Enveric’s lead product candidate being developed for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. The company says the patent expands its intellectual property portfolio.

Joseph Tucker, Ph.D., Director and CEO of Enveric, stated: “Extensive and multilayered IP for our NCE compounds is an important value driver for Enveric as we seek to develop improved treatments for patients living with severe and difficult to treat mental health disorders.

“This recent positive decision from the USPTO strengthens the IP for our lead candidate, EB-373, and highlights the advanced molecular design capabilities of our research team in developing unique and novel psilocin prodrugs. 

“We look forward to bringing EB-373 to clinical trials soon to assess the potential of this compound to elicit a more rapid onset of action, more controlled therapeutic effect, and reduced gastrointestinal side-effects compared to conventional psilocin prodrugs, such as psilocybin.”

Enveric has confrimed that it has filed multiple composition of matter patent applications with the USPTO for psilocin prodrugs, including those comprising a crystalline molecular structure, and has submitted additional filings for companion Patent Cooperation Treaty and non-US national patent applications in an effort to obtain broad protections in target countries for its EVM201 and EVM301 Series of compounds. 

To date, the USPTO has issued seven NoAs for patent applications claiming compounds in the EVM201 and EVM301 Series. Two applications are now granted patents that specifically protect EB-373; and one application is now a granted patent covering certain EVM301 compounds. 

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